Intelligent and real-time concrete monitoring


A total solution, giving you complete insight into how your concrete is curing
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Trully remote data collection with flexible wireless devices

Maturix® provides the best of both worlds with the newest global and wireless network technology and cost-efficient industry-standard concrete sensors. The wireless transmitters can be reused, no electronics gets covered and lost during casting. Plus Maturix is an easy-to-use allowing you to gain insights into the concrete curing in real-time with access from anywhere using IoT 

Real-time estimation of concrete maturity and strength

Real-time estimation of concrete maturity and strength is achieved using the standard practice (ASTM C1074) with laboratory test data about each concrete mix, the concrete strength is estimated automatically.


Maturix is used in a range of applications including high-rise construction, bridge building, post tensioning, mass concreting and precast production where it provides a range of benefits.

Reduced Project Time

With real-time insights into the curing of your concrete allows precasts and contractors to save time planning formwork removal time

Automated Reporting

With Maturix everything is documented automatically so there is no need for time consuming calculation and reporting

Fewer Cracks

Monitoring the temperature of the concrete effectively reduces the risk of overheating

Internal Power supply

No need for external batteries thanks to long-lasting lithium batteries

Global Long Range Wireless Network

Using Sigfox the world's leading global Iot network

Low Cost Monitoring

Fast ROI with cheap embedded temperature sensors

Durable & Waterproof

All the electronic equipment is stored in a tough box to ensure reusability



For a given mixture, concrete strength is a function of the time and thermal history. The concept of maturity is introduced to account for the effect of temperature and time on cement hydration and also the development of concrete mechanical properties.

As the concrete cures at different speeds at different temperatures, the concrete maturity gives you the opportunity to compare concrete cured under different circumstances. It is a method to monitor directly inside the structure compared to traditional lab-testing of external test specimen (see Break Test VS. Maturity Method).


Concrete maturity can therefore be used as a non-destructive method to estimate early-age strength development of concrete.
The maturity method has proven to be a method with high reliability and precision in estimating concrete strength.
The underlying principle of the maturity method is that concrete cured with different temperatures, but with the same maturity index will have an equal concrete strength.

Concrete maturity is the concept of calculating the concrete age based on the continuous temperature and time history.

ASTM C1074 Standard Practice for Estimating Concrete Strength by the Maturity Method describes the maturity concept.