About Concrete Revolution​

Co-founder Daniel O’connor first developed our vision for Concrete Revolution whilst studying for  his degree in concrete technology.


Relatively new to the industry many of the practices seemed to be outdated or represented an orthodoxy holding back innovation and best practice transfer.


In 2018, he and co founder Mal O’connor started scouring the globe for points of differentiation to bring to the UK market. In Q4 2019 Concrete Revolution was founded to bring the vision of bringing transformative innovation and new technology to the UK concrete industry. 


Who could have envisioned the tumultuous year that has followed!! We have all had to adapt to a new normal in so many ways. It is this mindset change which for many is reflected in a commitment to look at a new normal for the concrete industry embracing new ways of working and a willingness to explore alternative solutions and technologies.


Concrete Revolution Ltd is well placed to help support those businesses looking to utilise this progressive mindset. Initially  Concrete Revolution is bringing Hard-Cem and Maturix to market and we look forward to bringing more innovation and technology soon!!